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"Thank you T & C! what great service...

We called to start service mid-morning on Thursday, 3/24/16.  Within an hour there were service men dropping off our new can and they even picked up our trash.  I was not expecting such fast and great service!

I will tell others about this great company.


 "Thank you so much. I wasn't sure when I was paid through, but looks like it works out good. Thanks again for the great and consistent service that was always provided. I told my wife that I already knew that we would never have a company as good as yours. Thanks for everything. Have a wonderful week and God Bless."
  Good day Rita,
"Not a problem at all. I do appreciate the correction. Aja was great working with me on the phone, very pleasant to speak and work with and left a nice v-mail when was not reachable after my initial contact. Aja responded  quickly on my call back to her while working with e to bring my account fully current.
I appreciate the great support Aja provided to me. Hitting a wrong key s just one of those things.. ;>) As a Global Service Manager for "HP" Hewlett-Packard I greatly appreciate great phone support and say "Thank you job well done!" to you and your team for the phone, office and curb side support provided to myself and my family. I look forward to getting more of my neighbors to take your company on as a Service Provider. 

Highest Regards,"
"Hi Rita - Wanted to let your guys know that they do a much better job in Lakes of Magnolia than WCA does! :)"

"Just wanted to say thanks for wonderful service!!!"

"Our pickup people are super, a piece of trash fell off the truck they backed up and
picked it up, I had some small stuff this week stacked up and they made
sure to get all of it and put the lid back on my cans. They are super"

"Thanks so much garbage guys!! We forgot to put our trash out last night and didn't remember until the truck was turning around in our court. Thanks so much garbage guys, for waiting while my hubby ran the can up. That was so nice of you!!!In today’s world, many business and companies tend to be “all business”  and leave out the qualities of compassion and understanding, and you have proven to me by your generosity at charging me a reduced rate  per month that here a still good people in this world."


"JUST WANTED TO COMMEND YOU GUYS AGAIN FOR A PERFECT RECORD OF SERVICE FOR SEVERAL YEARS NOW!   I know it isn;t easy keeping all of your trucks going and keeping great employees, but you guys are exceptional and deliver a GREAT SERVICE!"

"Thank you. You have a great service. Have a good day."
"We will be moving and need to cancel our service effective as of the end of May, 2012. Please let me know the amount due and I will pay it online as soon as I know amount. Your service has been excellent."
"I don't really need the guys already work hard enough!! I love T & C....happy new year!"
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"I have to tell you that I am SO grateful and VERY impressed with your employees that pick up my trash.  Since I have used your company, each week my cans are upright and all lids are back on each can! Such a welcome difference from Enviro Waste!"
"Rita,..."I have to tell you that I am very impressed with your service today.  I am glad I got on board with you.  I felt very bad for your person having to come to my house so late though.  I know I had a lot of stuff not knowing that Heritage went out of business.  I appreciate you taking all my stuff that was out there.  I am hoping at some point you might take my old carts from Heritage and just toss them.  I think I remember you telling me that you will be dropping off a new cart from your company this week, that's great. Thank you once again for all your
help today.  I will be sure to tell my neighbors all about your good service.  I will just need to know what my due date will be so I can set up my bill payer." ...Judi