Not available in all areas; it is based on participation volume and we do charge extra for this service.  You must be signed up for the recycling program. Please use the link below to sign up for recycling services, you will be contacted via email or by phone to let you know if recyling is available in your neighborhood.

Two 18-gallon recycling bins will be delivered, you may also use your own recycling container with the recycling symbol. Please make sure that all recyclables are rinsed out and free of food or liquids, loose and not in bags. Please have the recycling containers at the curb by 7am.

The following items ARE Eligible for recycling:

PAPER PRODUCTS:  newspapers, magazines, catalogs, envelopes, file folders, sticky notes, advertising papers, copy paper, pamphlets

CARDBOARD:  cereal boxes, food boxes, shoe boxes, shipping boxes, moving boxes

EMPTY PLASTIC CONTAINERS:  water bottles, plastic drinking containers, milk jugs, yogurt containers (with symbols #3, #4, #5, #6 & #7)

EMPTY CANS:  ferrous (iron) cans (soup cans, tuna cans, etc) & aluminum cans (soda cans, etc.)

The following items ARE NOT Eligible for recycling:

Glass of any kind (beverage, auto, windows, mirrors, light bulbs, cookware), porcelain, ceramic, garbage, containers with food remaining, plastic bags, unnumbered plastics, styrofoam, aerosol cans, pet food bags, motor oil bottles, garden hoses

For details please use the link below to sign up for recycling


Click Here to sign up for Recyling


For info on recycling, click here: Montgomery County Recycling Centers.